record several takes on ONE track

Is that serious ? I cannot record severeqal takes on one / the same track, and same time listen to what is recorded previously.
This was pooible in SONAR , witch is now gone / discontinued. I tried to work around duplicvating a audio track, and then link them togheter in a way .I mean this really shouild be possible in a serious DAW, its a must, for me beeing used to this for almost 20 years.

+1 (from another Sonar refugee)


This is a workflow issue that Cubase does differently. Take a look at the “Lanes” function in the op manual to see how to use it. Looks like you’ll have to get used to it if you are going with CB.

BTW…you can record as many takes as you want on one track. But… you will only hear the recorded events that are on top. Hence… lanes.

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Its best to adapt. This is really just semantics. You cannot record/listen to takes on the same TRACK… but you certainly can on takes in the same GROUP.
Just set up two recording tracks, and send them to a group output for processing/effects/etc… if you want to be able to listen to take1 while taking take2, that is…and have identical postprocessing. Or use punch-in.
Its more like tape conceptually… how can you record on a track and play it back at the same time? You cant- you need 2 tracks :slight_smile: But you can group them so they act like one track.