Record the edited score as it scrolls along

I’d like to record the edited score as it scrolls along with the sound as a video screenshot to put a few bits on YouTube.

When I make a video using the X box, I get the image but not the sound.

When I extract video from Cubase with an empty video track, I get sound but no image.

I would like Cubase to recognize the scrolling edit score as a video.

Is that possible?

I have downloaded free video screen capture software, but I have the same problem: no sound or no image or format not supported.

Yet I saw videos on YouTube with the score edit that parades with the music.

I looked at tutorials and the instruction manual for my Cubasse 11 , but I couldn’t find any answers.

So thank you very much in advance.

I would look into OBS studio, there are posts/ tutorials here and elsewhere on how to go about routing the sound from Cubase to it.