Record to track inside cubase

I would like to be able to record one or more tracks to one track inside cubase.
With all the advanced routing it has to be possible. It does not appear obvious.
It was easy to do in Protools when I used to use Protools.

Thank you

Nuendo 11.0.41
Mac Monterey
Antelope Discrete 8 Synergy Core

I figured it out using an FX send.
Audio Source/FX send/FX Send/Audio Destination

There has to be a better way.


This feature is Cubase Pro only.

You can route the track’s outputs to any FX or Group Channel and then use this FX or Group Channel as an input of the Audio track. Or you can just Solo and Mixdown the tracks and import the file back to Cubase.


To quickly route multiple tracks to a group, select them, right click, then select Add Track > Group Channel to Selected Channels…

If you’re working with tracks with pre-recorded MIDI or audio, you can also just use Render in Place, with the “Mix down to One Audio File” setting enabled.

Just mentioning it because you didn’t specify your use case.

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Thank you guys!
I have Nuendo so I have feature. I figured out the FX after watching a Youtube tutorial. The Groups to audio is great too and skips step for multiple tracks.
I remember in Protools that I was able to route any track or tracks to an Audio track simply by pointing Output to the track. Nice feature!

The reason I need to do so is I purchased the Antelope AFX2DAW bundle Similar to UAD effects. They sound great however when I bounce down audio session to stereo Wave it all turns to gibberish Listen to sample.
Antelope support was not able to give me answer as to why.
I know can bounce track but for some reason the audio is much lower and I do not know how to work it. I figured this would be better and it is because I control the level.

If anyone has answer to the AFX2DAW bounce issue I’d be grateful. I will create a new question for it soon.

Nuendo 11.0.41
Mac Monterey
Antelope Discrete 8 Synergy Core

I figured it out.
I am able to bounce the session down to a stereo file using AFX2DAW if I do real-time bounce to disk. I must not have made myself clear. Antelope support did not understand either.
Not sure what “offline bounce rendering” is but having to wait the length of the selection to bounce to stereo file is small price to pay to be able to utilize the the Antelope effects.