Record VST Instrument Sequencer Output to Midi Track


I would like to record the sequencer output of my Analog Lab VST plugin to a midi track in cubase 12 pro.

The steps I tried are:

  1. Create an Analog Lab VST track instrument.
  2. Create a Midi track.
  3. However, I cannot route the output of the Analog Lab VST instrument to the input of the Midi track. No Midi output from the analog lab vst appears. I also tried this with other VSTs, such as Halion, but, no Midi Output track appears.
  4. I tried the same with a rack instrument and midi tracks, but it does not work.
  5. However, this DOES work if I use Pigments VST.

Do some VSTs limit the ability to have Midi output?

Is there a workaround for this?



Some plug-in developers try to restrict this possibility (for obvious reasons) done other allow it. Most often, you can drag and drop the MIDI file to the track (if the option is allowed by the plug-in).

a workaround that I used a couple times with good result is to render the instrument track then with Melodyne convert audio to midi (polyphonic) then insert that midi in an instrument track with same instrument without the sequencer.
Kontakt and other Vsti´s doesn´t have this limitation.

Thanks all! I will try to use an external sequencer to capture the midi, seems like the easiest way.