Record while scrubbing an audio file?


Is it possible to record while scrubbing an audio file in Cubase 6.5?
I have tried to to it this way but everytime I scrub the file, the recording stops…

TRACK 1: audio file --> no input / stereo output
TRACK 2: empty --> stereo output as input / no output RECORD ENABLE

Is this even possible?
Thank you.

Are you using the jog wheel to scrub (p 86) or the scrub tool (p 59, 267)?

If there is not a good Cubase option, “Record What You Hear” might help, e.g., , or here .

It sounds like a cool idea, I’ve never done it, please post back how you got on.

I tried the scrub/play tool

If you’re on PC, you can put the free plugin ‘Tape-It’ by Silverspike into a master insert then it will capture audio even whilst you scrub.

nb. This will only work though if you go into Preferences > Transport > Scrub and tick the box ‘Use Inserts While Scrubbing’

I hope this helps


I’m on OSX Lion.,