record with two mics

Good day

I need to assistance with recording, using two mics on two separate tracks, i am using the UR22 sound card.

Please help

What kind of assistance? If the problem is with the UR22, you should probably post in Steinberg hardware forum.

If you can record with 1 mic, recording with 2 shouldn’'t be a problem.

The basic procedure is well documented and goes something like this:
Does Devices > Device Setup… > VST Audio System > whatever UR22 is called show both mic inputs as mapped and active? If so, then you should see a level on the input channels of the mix console. (Unless a channel is muted, or a mic is turned off, or a mic needs phantom power but isn’t getting it.)
Moving on, let’s assume you have 2 audio tracks in your project (R-click on track list, “add audio track”). Open the inspector for each, click on track name in the inspector, area expands under the name. Click on the input routing (list near the bottom of newly expanded area, item with arrow entering a box from left) and a list of the input buses pops up. So you just have to select the input bus for mic 1 on the first track, and input bus for mic 2 on the second track.
Then you may need to mess around with arming track to record, monitor on/off, cue send (if applicable), to get a level on the track.

Ultimately, your worst problem might be latency. I solve this at the hardware interface, sending the digitized signal back to headphones as well as on to Cubase, while I repress the output of the audio track sent to headphones. If you don’t do that, you hear flanging or digital delay artifacts. However, this part of the problem is hardware specific, and I don’t have a UR22.

The ur22 supports direct monitoring.