Recorded audio events does not match the project tempo

I have no tempo track in my project.
the project tempo is set to e.g. 100 bpm.
i record an audio event on an audio track.
when i open the audio event just recorded in the sample editor it shows the tempo of the audio event.
i would expect, that this exactly matches my project tempo, 100 bpm.
but instead very often there are some other values: sometimes its way off 127.34 or 97.23 so some other random value. sometimes it is very close , e.g. 100.55 or 99.4 .
Is this a bug ? or: can i enforce cubase to set the tempo of audio event exactly to the tempo used for the project the time i recorded the event ?
Even better would be if cubase could also set the “musical mode” for the audio event automaticaly, so that i could change project speed immediately after recording without any hustle.

i already tried to change the time base (linear or musical) of the track , but this does not change the problem.
i have tried with “Automatic Hitpoint detection” disabled. no change.

Yes, I know, I can simply type the correct tempo either in the info line, or the pool. but i want to avoid this manual task for every audio event.

YES!!! This is insanely frustrating. I often record dozens of layers of percussion on loop, and to have to go in and manually CORRECT all these weird random tempos that gets assigned to each audio file is such a waste of time. For the life of me I do not understand why Cubase can’t just write the tempo definition of exactly the tempo you recorded at. Or at least give us the option to do so. To overwrite whatever analysis it’s deciding to do.

It should be such a simple feature

As far as I can tell this only occurs on looped recordings. I suspect it is caused when Recording stops but not exactly at the Right Locator and it is that difference causing the miscalculation.

For me (and many others) it has become a habit after a tracking session to go in the Pool & set the Tempo correctly. FWIW this should be done before activating Musical Mode if you are going to do that.

Well you can do them all at once so it doesn’t need to take long. Just Select all the files you want to change and edit the value on one of them. Musical Mode can also be set in bulk.