Recorded audio goes flatline, zero byte file size

This is going to sound bonkers but here goes. Intermittent recording of audio input into an audio track results in a flatline audio waveform picture and a file in the audio folder of zero bytes.

Opening a new project either via existing template or blank slate.
Add an audio track.
Arm for recording.
Start recording.
Can see waveform while recording.
Hit stop.
Waveform sometimes (but not always) disappears.
Audio file in audio folder is zero bytes.
No audio in playback.

It doesn’t happen EVERY time. But occasionally. It’s weird but a bit of a challenge when the first take of a thing ends up being a dud.

Is this something anyone else has ever run into? The PC side of my setup doesn’t do this so far, just Mac. Additionally, in the event that this is just plain weird and isolated to me, is there a log file I can check that might show me what’s happening in the moment?

Appreciate ya’ll. This is the first bug I’ve ever encountered personally since starting with SX 2.

Cubase 13.0.10 Build 123
MacBook Pro OS Ventura 13.6
No plugins on input
FabFilter plugins on a group channel in template, none in blank start.

Sounds like something with write access to the disk is not granted.
Just an idea.

Hmmmmm there’s some plausibility to that in terms of trying to explain why. Would that be reflected in some kind of log that Cubase keeps when running or maybe elsewhere on a Mac that it would be noted that you’re aware of?