recorded audio not heared on playback

i installed the trial, i configured all the busses and all yje devices as needed.
when i started to record, i encountered a problem.
the instruments and midi are working fine all the way. the audio tracks on the other hand puzzle me.
i can hear the monitor prior and during the recording, i can see the waveform in the track, i can hear the recorded track when using the scrub function, but on playback there is no audio and the meters of the track in the console show no signal.
what can it be?

Have you checked that the appropriate audio card is selected on the properties pane in the “channels out” section?

Be sure to turn the monitor button off for playback after recording. It is the button directly next to record enable with the speaker icon.

all is configured correctly, when i turn off the asio guard the audio is heared but clicked and distorted

What buffer size are you running at? Have tried increasing the value?

got to 4096 and still while asio guard is on no sound and when off clicking and distorted (in scrub mode it sounds great…)

What sound card are you using?


Hello Liwe,

If it’s a Digidesign (blue) Mbox2, the older Digidesign digi drivers where proprietary and did not work as well as a Standard ASIO drivers to with other DAW’s besides Pro Tools LE. You need to go to Avid’s website and see if they updated the drivers to a dedicated ASIO driver that will work with Cubase.

*From looking at their site it doesn’t appear that they have updated the drivers for that unit since 2011 for Windows. So if you are running beyond Windows 7 (64-bit), like Windows 8 or 8.1 it may not be supported.

What operating system are you running?


Hello Liwe,

I’ve sent you PM.