Recorded audio stereo tracks only in left channel


I’m kinda new to this recording thing, so I may have done a newbie error, if so I hope you’ll help me find it. I’ve recorded a number of guitar tracks in cubase ai5 for a song. They are all recorded as stereo tracks. However there is absolutely no signal in the right channel. There is only signal in the left. I tried panning everything hard right, but that just killed the sound.

I’m using the ‘left out’ on my Behringer V-Amp2, as a mono, into ‘input 1’ on the CI2 USB sound-device. The button that says ‘Mono’ is pressed down, which appears to be the correct setting for the CI2 according to the manual. Then in the setup of the audio track I’m choosing ‘Stereo’ and ‘L R speakers’ and count is set to ‘1’.

So does anyone know how I can either save what I’ve already recorded and get it into proper stereo, so I can pan things around, or how I can set up the recording correctly so that it works properly?

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Jacob Collstrup

well, obviously if you record a mono source (which has one channel) via a stereo bus onto a stereo track (which has 2 channels) one channel will remain silent. Thats why mono sources are usually recorded on mono channels.
You could record a mono source onto a stereo track, but then you’ d have to select a mono input bus as input for the stereo audio track.

it wasn’t that obvious to me ! :blush: But thanks to your help I made it work, and I now have a half-decent demo of my song !! Thanks !

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