recorded files naming options?


if I remember correctly there used to be a menu where you could define the naming scheme for the recorded files. I cannot seem to find it anywhere…is it gone or does anyone know where it is?

It´s in preferences…

Thanks thinkingcap, but i can’t find it… :confused:
either that’s where it used to be , or I have a severe mental block right now and overlooked it a brazillion times. Are you sure it’s there?? all I find is _parts get track name_s…

Waht exactly do you mean - I don´t think, apart from that and the BW-files info options, there has ever been any other option. Might help to post your software though…

I’m on 5.5.2 on win7x64

I don’t remember which version it was, but I’m pretty sure there once was a dialogue where you could choose if the file names took on the project name, date, track name etc. I’d love to have the project name appended for example.

That would be in the export audio mixdown menu, I think

yup, saw that one, but it´s not what I´m looking for, it only concerns the mixdown file names. Still pretty sure it was there, once upon a time… :question: