Recorded guitar on track 1 plays in track 2 lead track

I’m a neby so bear with me…I recorded a rythm track on track 1 when I record my lead on track 2 I still have track 1 coming from track 2 even if I mute track 1…How do I record two seperate tracks whithout having the other track recorded along with it??? I have cubase le 5
Alesis Multimix 8 usbfx runing on Win 7 pro 2.8 cpu quad core 16 gigs mem asio4all

Sounds like your creating a loop inside the multimix…

Hay thank You!!..don’t I feel stupid!!

Does that mean you solved it…?

Yes I had 2trks USB to Main pushed in. So again thanks for the help. Sorry I didn’t post this sooner…On to recording now…peace!