Recorded guitar sounds different, and cant pan

So , one upgrading to cubase 8 i decided to change my setup, and now i have this weird problem that my recording sounds different and i cant pan the track to the left side.

My setup is guitar>podHD500 (multi effect) > out from 1/4 mono R channel >into instrument input of my focusrite saffire SC.
gain on SC is set to the middle.

On vst connections , input is set to the SC and also output.

I’ve add an audio track set to stereo , input is stereo in and output is stereo out.

When i play the guitar without recording i see audio activity on the transport bar but not on the track.
If i press the listen to the track i do see activity on the track itself.



Why do you use Stereo Audio track for a Mono Input? Did I miss something? What Audio Ports are set in the VST Connections > Inputs for the Stereo In bus?

I would recommend you to Add a Mono Audio track instead of a Stereo Audio Track. As an Input select Stereo In - Left (if the Instrument Input is the 1st one on your Saffire) or Right.

The Monitor behaviour is correct like this.

Hi ,martin thank you for helping!

I changed the channel to mono.
Input is :right stereo in
output is: stereo out.

inputs for stereo in bus ,in vst connections are :
(audio device is the focusrite)
input 1 = stereo in left
input 2 = stereo in right

So - Live sound from my guitar is mono (as routed ) , and the track output comes stereo and i can pan it .

Half of the problem solved:
The recorded sound is still much more “dull” . dry , dead
this never happened with direct recording via pods usb connection.

I checked the preset and no effect is set to stereo like pingpong delay etc

Focusrite saffire asio settings are :

3ms bufferlength

44100 sample rate

bit depth 24bit

latency is 7ms input

10ms output

:\ ?


Do you mean, the sound is different when you recording and when you playback?

Try to record stereo.
I always record my Boss guitar multi effect like that.

Guitar itself is mono, but any reverb, modulation effect or delay is likely to make it stereo.

The built in usb connection is stereo, isn’t it.
That’s probably why it sounds different.

indeed .

Its like alot of the sound is missing , and its not that im losing half of the sound because im recording mono .

when i record the guitar is mono , playback is stereo and i pan it , either way - the recorded sound (playback) sounds duller , dry , like alot of frequencies are missing .

something in the recording proccess maybe dublicates the signal and causes phasing?


yes the usb connection is stereo , but:

i listen to the pod through my sound card , means i only here the mono output of the pod anyway .

So playing without recording = mono , sounds fine

the recorded track = stereo , sounds off , i pan it, still off.

Edit :
Il go through the track setup again because i think something is off:

So if i open a stereo track , for input i can only choose stereo in (cant record anything) .

If i open a mono track , the options are STEREO IN - left / right

output is also stereo .

Create a mono input bus in VST connections.

You can have a left/right as stereo, but also left and right as two separate mono inputs at the same time.

Then you will be able to select mono input for a stereo track.