Recorded samples have pops after export with zero crossing enabled


Cubase is getting me annoyed it cant export loops properly no matter what I do the end result ends with pops. does anyone know how to export this properly? Why Cubase can’t do it properly by default?


How do you know, there is a pop at the end, please?

It seems as it is at the beginning, I have raised a support request and uploaded a video with sound to show what exactly is a happening its kind of bump sound.

@Voxango Maybe if you can upload the video here, we could be able to investigate.

Here it is. @Louis_R @Martin.Jirsak @fese

This doesn’t work in this case I have tried it all it was actually the first thing I tried. Either I did something wrong or Cubase rendered the loop incorrectly.

Zoom into the waveforms and compare the end of the events if they both stop at a zero crossing. If the original one does and the rendered one doesn’t, I suspect it is because a plugin you have in the signal path. Disable all the plugins in the signal path (or choose “dry” as a render mode) and compare the events again.


@Voxango Thanks for the video !
Sounds like you are using a reverb plugin on the original track. Since the reverb is a live effect it is normal that the tail of the reverb keeps going when the loop goes back to the start during playback, making it sound seamless.

But if you render the Event, the sound engine will first cut out every sound before rendering the loop only once, and if the reverb has a long attack then it is reflected in the final render. In your case we can clearly hear the reverb stop abruptly and start over on each loop, which is probably what you call a “bump” sound.

If you want the render to sound like the original on playback loop, then simply duplicate the Event and repeat it multiple times, then render as one longer loop.

This is one exact case where you don’t want to render the effects, because your audio Event is too short, this is obvious that the rendered effect won’t be seamless on subsequent loop.
To prevent this, the only solutions are to render your loop as a definitive full track like explained above, or keep the effects active and only render when doing the mixdown.

Easy one :wink:

p.s : If you want to render a true seamless loop you should disable Auto-Fade too. Seamless loops are a bit more difficult to do, especially when there are effects like reverb or delay.
Feel free to ask.

Yes there is heavy reverb and delay on this one, looks like having auto crossfades with fade in only plus leaving a few seconds tail works the best but yes having a long loop rendered eliminates the issue entirely.

Thanks for the input on this one!

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