Recorded tracks sound thin compared to cue

I’m recording an old pre-war Martin guitar, stereo with an MK 219 Ocatava and a old Cad tube mike (the blue one), placed 10 inches apart equidistant from the top of guitar. The Ocava is pointed at the end of the fingerboard, the Cad pointed just behind the bridge. When I listen to the cue, the sound is full and rich. After recording, the tracks are thinner. Recording mono with one of the mics sounds better, and I realize it will be different, but why the good cue sound set up stereo then different track sound? Help appreciated!!

There could be a lot of things going on. The most likely would be that the cue has some kind of duplication of the source, making it sounds twice as loud (which will automatically make it sound better), or, if there’s a delay in the duplicate, giving it a pleasant chorused effect (or, in your case, it might actually be hiding some phasing between the two mics).

Perhaps your mix and your cue sends are going to cue bus? Or you’re monitoring in software at same time? Or your interface’s matrix Software is also sending mix to your cue outs?

I have the monitor clicked next to the record button in each channel. I’ll study on the other issues you mentioned. I’ve been using these programs for years and play sessions but I’m deficient in many areas, especially cubase 7.

It’s very easy to get duplicated signals once you start using Control Room. In a busy week, I’ll do this to myself once or twice, just cos of how often I have to change how I’m monitoring.


BTW: why not record each mic mono? You’ll get more control during mixdown.

I’m using one track per mike. I probably should have said that instead of saying recording stereo. I’ve got to get back to this session, but I’d like to contact you again sometime once I figure out how to navigate this forum!

Agree, and you can shift a track in time to phase align them, or getting that wide feel, or/and pan differently.

Good luck!

Yeah, message me if you like.

Check your routing thoroughly.

How are you monitoring? Via hardware, or via the cue sends in the tracks?

Sounds like a phasing issue. Does the main mix sound empty in the middle or diffused compared to the cue mix?
If so, then a phase switch in one channel, after the cue mix point, is on. You could have accidently flipped it on in the Pre rack (p194 in the Op Manual) and hidden it, or in the Control Room.