Recorded ukulele for the first time

I’ve had a go at recording a track with ukulele for the first time. I just kind of approached it like recording an acoustic guitar & had the mic at around the 12th fret. I think I need to refine the recording process for it next time, but I’m quite pleased with the results. Oh, & just for fun there’s a bit glockenspiel on there too :slight_smile:

Sounds pretty good to me. Nice to have a video for a change too :sunglasses:

I really like that you are actually playing all the instruments. The harmonies on the vocals sound nice too.
The uke sounds a little out of tune to me though.
I like the sound of the bass too, but a couple of notes (the very first one) sound out of tune for the first second or so. Maybe just plucking the string too hard?
Nice job!
I reminded me that I actually own a very nice, Cordoba ukulele that doesn’t get played much. :smiley:

Yeah that was well performed :slight_smile:
I find ukulele’s always sound slightly detuned, even if you spend an hour tuning them. Guess that’s part of their charm.

Thanks guys, you’re all very kind :slight_smile:

Good spot on that first bass note kind of going ‘bowooom’, I hadn’t even noticed until you pointed it out. Now for the uke being out, that could be a number of things. I’m a bit of a heavy handed guitarist & quite new to the ukulele so I’m probably using way more force than need, it could be what ever cheap strings that came on it… or it could just be out of tune. :laughing: I’ve just ordered some descent strings for it to see if that helps. I think I’ll keep on doing a few more of these acoustic song/video things they’re quite good fun to make. Granted they’re not really pushing the boundaries of Cubase though.

Great voice!

I’m currently recording 12 songs, I have three female vocals and myself, I desperately need a male voice to balance it out? Are you in for some collaboration? (please haha)

Greetz Dylan.

Thanks Dylan, sure man I’d love to help you out. PM me the info :slight_smile:

Nice vid and song. You inspired me to wipe some dust of my ukulele :wink:

I like this kinda raw, gritty and organic stuff. Sure, some tuning issues, bit rough round the edges etc but it has an authencity about it that certainly appeals. Nice :sunglasses: