Recorder function not working: HALion 6

Hi there

I have a major issue with Halion 6 in the stand-alone mode and when operting it as plug-in in Cubase 8.0.40 as well as Studio One 3.3. Pro. The problem exists in both, the Windows 7 and Windows 10 environment. The issue is:

  1. There is no sidechain-button when staring HALion 6 as plug-in in my DAWs (one instance). The sidechain button is missing (in other plug-ins it’s there!), it is just not there (see attachments). Please note, I am not looking for support regarding how to use the recorder function (live sampling), I have read the manual and taken in some tutorials of renowed trainers and experts regarding this function and I have understood.

However, it is strange but true: the button is missing.

  1. In the stand-alone mode, live sampling/recording is not possible either. HALion 6 shows me the input option but there is no signal. Otherwise, there are just HALion-internal buttons (Master, Out 2-32 and possibly a program-slot, if loaded). I have set the input channels to 1 and 2 which are, in my case, the output channels of another VSTi in stand-alone mode I want to record from (sampling) The sound of my second VSTi is audible over the mixer it just does not arrive in HALion6, regardless of what setup I am trying out.

Have a look at the attachments and you will see what I mean.

Recording from within HALion (from another program) is possible. In other words, something seems to work. This issue is very urgent to me and I hope that this problem can be resolved soon.

Thank you all and regards, belabel

Windows 7 SP1, Windows 10, Cubase 8.0.40 (Studio One 3.3. as backup), Presonus StudioLive Mixer as USB/Audio interface and mixer (digital mixer), HALion 6 (downloaded and installed last week)
No Sidechain in Cubase 8.JPG
Win10 - no sidechain in S1.JPG
Win7 - no sidechain in S1.JPG


The sidechain input has just been introduced in Cubase 9. Cubase 8 does not support sidechain inputs for VST instruments (just for effects).

In the standalone mode you only have the inputs of your audio device available in HALion. If you want to record the sound of another application, you will need a dedicated software that will take care of the routing.