Recording 36 channels of live audio - wont go above 24.

Hi there.

I’ve just purchased a UB Madi interface for my Digico SD8 and was hoping to get recording some live bands in the near future. I think I’ve got the basics down (I’ve managed to get my inputs talking to Cuebase for recording, and play back back to the desk on an input). However, it’s currently limited to 24 inputs, and I can’t add any more busses no matter what I try!

The UB-Madi says it can do 48 sends and 48 receives of simultaneous - so I assume thats 48 mono tracks (as opposed to only 24 channels of stereo)…

When I go Devices > Device Setup > I can see UB Madi In 25, 26,27…46,47,48…but they’re all ‘Inactive’ and I can’t figure out how to enable them.

When I try Devices > VST Connections > Preset ‘48 mono’ , it goes as far as 24 then stops.

Can anyone give me a hand?

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48 mono = 24 stereo?

Just guessing…

One suggestion, please add a signature as I did, stating your soft and hardware setup… might help us trying to solve your issue…

Cubase Elements limitation.


I have the same problem with Digicio S21 in 2020. USB Madi driver, Macbook Catalina, 10.5 Cubase Elements. I can use only 24 Inputs from 48 and 24 Outputs from 48. The Rest from 25-48 is not active. With Garageband it works. Now I have the usb driver install again from Digico and now it works nothing. I wait for the solution from Digico german support tea.

Have someone this problem too?

With best regards Felix


Look at line 10 in the overview table