Recording a live show using Cubase artist 6.5

Hi folks, basically I want to know if the following is possible and easy!? :slight_smile:

I want to record a multi-track live feed from the mixing desk at my bands gig on Friday using Cubase Artist 6.5

The sound man has told me we can just connect my laptop (Dell XPS L502x) to the desk via USB.

Will this be possible with the equipment I have?

Not sure of the mixing desk involved but know it will be pretty new/high standard.

Thanks in advance!


If the soundman (who seems to ber the only who knows the desk) tells you, you just can connect the Laptop via USB, and then why do you come here with no info about anything asking if it is possible?
Now obviously Cubase can record multitrack, if the desk can also stream Multitrack (which we do not know, since we don´t know the desk - but the soundman does), and your Laptop has a USB connection and complies to the minimum system requirements for Cubase, it wil theoretically work. And yes, it is easy, you just need to know how to setup Cubase and rhe desk (which we do not know).

Thanks for your understanding with my limited info!

Desk is Behringer X32, and I’ve downloaded the the relevant drivers now to my Dell XPS 15. (Windows 10)

The desk can stream multitrack, I guess I just need to know whether Cubase Artist 6.5 will work with this set up, having no way of testing it and not being able to find anything online.


Cubase needs ASIO drivers. Does the X32 have ASIO drivers? If so, it will probably work.

If you download the ASIO drivers for the X32 - I believe I got them off the Behrenger site, my Cubase 7.5 sees the X32 as a 32 channel sound card hooked up to my usb port and has no problems. Look for something called X-USB (or something like that) on their web site.

There are the usual routing issues with the VST connections, etc. in Cubase 7.5 - sorry don’t have artist. That part always takes way longer than I anticipated as I once I get it working/assigned I don’t usually jack with it for months at a time.

The short version: X32 ASIO drivers work fine with DAWs. Allow yourself plenty of time to do the routing at the gig.