Recording a Podcast

I am recording a Podcast, and are planning to have intervju over Microsoft Teams.

How can i record the intervju in a single soundtrack/file in Cubase in a way that it is isolated from the other people speakin?

Not sure if/how it can be done in Teams, but here is an article describing how to do it in Zoom.

I record podcast interviews routinely using Cubase so that my voice is recorded on 1 track and the VoIP interview is recorded on a separate track.

I accomplish this through creative routing via Voicemeeter. If I understood correctly, you are wanting to multitrack record your interview. If you’re on a windows system, voicemeeter will be your best bet. If you’re on Mac, it can be done with Audio Hijack from rogue amoeba.

Here is a link to learn to set up voicemeeter: