Recording a second Instrument/audio issues

Don’t know if this poseted once already…sorry if it did but here goes again

I am using Cubase AI5 with a Yamaha Audiogram6 unit OS is Windows Vista 64-bit. Everything is setup and working fine. The issues i am having are these:

  1. I routed my guitar through the head of my amplifier (marshall mg100 hdfx) and into the audiogram then out through a smaller amp. So when i record i can use the effects built into the heasd as well as the foot pedal for distortion. however what i hear when im playing/recording is not what i hear when i play it back. The distortion is nearly non-existant.
    i choose to use a “clean guitar” when i pick a new project then turn off the preset amplifier as it’s of no use

  2. I want to add a bass track and/or more guitar tracks but when i add a new track to the project and start recording i get maybe 10 seconds of record time then everytime i touch a string it’s just a hissing noise. but when i turn off cubase it sounds fine still…

Please if you have any ideas help me out i would greatly appreciate it!


Dan: Can’t you just Record your Bass “DIRECTLY” into the Audiogram
(BYPASSING YOUR AMP)which should be connected to the Cubase AI5 software? :question:

Jack :smiley: :smiley:

PS: IMO your a candidate for “RE-AMPING” your guitar and Marshall amp or using
something like the “VST AMP RACK” that comes with Cubase 6.5 :wink:

wow Jack it never even crossed my mind to try that! lol live and learn i’ll try that out and let you know

and btw…what does “re-amping” mean? using a preset amp even tho im using my own?

Thanks for the reply!

Dan: First I hope you have everything connected properly, correct Drivers
for the AudioGram, VST connections setup properly, Plus Your Project page
setup properly? :question:

IMO: I think you’ve got a strange Loop going there with your setup.
That’s why I asked if you could just plug in and play Direct ( NO AMP)

Re-Amping is kinda like the word implies----IMO - It’s recording a Direct clean signal of
Guitar or Bass into Cubase–First—Then run a Line out cord from your Your Audiogram interface
back to your Marshall Amp. Mic that and put that signal into a 2nd track.
You could use Two Mic’s (one close on the Amp—the other out 10 feet or so
and put the two Mic’s on 2 separate Tracks. You’ll end up having 3 tracks then
1 of your Direct signal - 2 the close mic - 3 the distant mic.
Re-amping is alot of work though. :wink:

I love the VST AMP RACK approach in Cubase 6 though ---- plus I use a Little
Pocket Pod from Line 6 that I have a hard time telling the difference between
it and a mic’ed Marshall. :wink: :slight_smile:

Hope this helps

Jack :smiley: :smiley:

Sorry for barging in Jack, you had everything under control, but I felt this needed to be said.

Be careful with that!

That’s line level output. Way too hot a signal for your amp.
You need some way to attenuate (lower) the signal before going into your amp.

There are products out there called (ironically) “re-amping devices” made to take line level signal to instrument level (and usually have a level knob to match its output to the expected input of the amp [like from an active or passive pickup]).

Shinta: Your probably right—maybe Dan should
forget the Re-Amping and just put a Mic
on his Marshall. :wink: :smiley:

Dan click here

Hope this helps

Jack :smiley: :smiley:

Of course the whole point of re-amping is to put a “mic on the cab” :smiley:

Although you can use it for all sorts of other fun stuff.

I use one of these one of the benefits is easy ground lift to stop those annoying ground loops. also proper matching to a guitar amps input (obviously)

Ah Radial…good ol’ Canadian company. :smiley:

Yeah, basically it’s just a matching transformer in a bomb proof case, I like :slight_smile:

wow lots of good advice here and thank you all for the replies. First off i tried taking my marshall out of the equation with the bass and it still does the same thing i think perhaps it is something i am doing wrong with the added track…all i did to get into my project was right click on my guitar track and “add new” then turned on opposite EQ’s to what the first track is on (track one on EQ1 and 3 so i turn on 2 and 4 for track 2)

im guessing i am doing something wrong there.

and in regards to the first problem of my effects such as distortion and such not being on the track i record your saying that’s normal? maybe i am mis-reading something but on the whole topic of re-amping it seems you will always record a “clean” guitar then add effects later with the re=amping modules and such? do i have that right? if so that’s fine i just wanna know for sure!

thanks again

Dan: Are ya sure your using the right driver for the AUDIOGRAM 6—you said – vista-- 64 bit, right :question: :wink:
click on Support for drivers

Jack :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

PS: Have you recorded any clean tracks ever :question: :wink:
Have you peaked at the Cubase Manual and the Audiogram 6 manual :question: :wink: