Recording a vocal issue with Yamaha Genos

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If you want to send the midi-generated audio from the Genos, you should plug its audio outputs into your audio interface Line Inputs.

Then plug your mic into a different input on the device.

You do the routing in Studio>Audio Connections window.

Steve…my current mixer AG-06 Yamaha has one line input (1/4 plugs) If I buy a mixer having 2 line inputs, I would be able to use the additional line outputs of the Genos. Aux out) the question now would be can whether the ASIO driver would recognize the 2nd input channel which I would dedicate to the Microphone (configured in line outputs for Genos) thus separating the midi tracks (sounds) in Cubase 12 from the Mic. Just an idea…

Generally correct.

Yes, this is a basic function of the ASIO interface.

You need an interface with 3 inputs minimum, there are many choices out the. for example, Steinberg UR44c, UR242, or UR-RT2.

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