Recording a vocal issue with Yamaha Genos

I have five Midi tracks playing for the accompaniment and when I add an audio track for a recorded lead vocal, I am picking up all of those midi tracks on the audio vocal track on playback
I want to be able to listen to that vocal track by itself and not record those other midi tracks. Isolation needs to achieved.

Advice needed

Alan Russell

Use headphones if the acoustic sound of your speakers are playing into your mic. Or is it a routing issue?

Thank you Steve for getting back

I only use headphones for all of my recordings

It could be a routing problem because the midi tracks are somehow rerouting back to the vocal track when I record it with my voice

I could be wrong but I don’t think you’ve ever been able to isolate a MIDI track in the way you seek. I have always turned the MIDI into audio which can be isolated when I monitor for recording vocals. I’m assuming you are going to use your MIDI tracks in your audio at some time so maybe doing so beforehand won’t be an issue. If not, then I’m not sure what you need.


Those midi tracks are being played thru my yamaha Genos arrangers keyboard. This is where they were created. I use the Yamaha A06 mixer
The issue must be in the routing

If your mic is connected to the same mixer, so is the whole sound. Routing won’t make a difference.

So therefore the microphone needs a separate mixer?

I will be working on a solution today and will get back

Let me articulate this better

Problem to be solved:

Music gear

Keyboard Arranger Genos by Yamaha
Yamaha AG06 mixer
Five Midi tracks are created by this keyboard
These tracks are imported into cubase 12
An audio track is inserted for a lead vocal
Microphone is plugged in to the Genos

When the audio track is recorded The sounds from the midi tracks are also recorded into that audio track with the lead vocal

Is there anyway I can just have a lead vocal audio track not containing the sounds of those midi tracks

All responses are appreciated

Alan Russell Rosenberg

Your 5 MIDI tracks in Cubase are sending MIDI data to your Genos. Genos is playing back this data as audio and sending that out to physical analogue outputs on your Genos.
If you connect a microphone to Genos and want to record that separately in Cubase on an audio track, you have to make sure that only the microphone audio (your vocals) are going through the outputs on the Genos.
The Genos has multiple analogue outputs. You should be able to configure the Genos to have synth audio (what ever is represented by the MIDI tracks in Cubase) and your vocals on separate outputs of the Genos. For example, Genos sounds routed to “Main L/R” and microphone routed to “Line Out 1”.
Connect “Line Out 1” to a channel on your mixer and make sure that channel is the only channel sending audio to Cubase.

Hello Alan.

I had this same issue with an analog mixer (only 1 stereo output) along with the Korg Triton pro.

The only way to achieve this with your current setup, is to record your music from the Genos into cubase as a stereo audio track, once completed create your vocal audio track and voice along with your created music track. Make sure to mute your midi tracks on the Genos so it does’nt sound while you voice, at this point you will be using your DAW to play back the music and your Genos to send your microphones signal to the vocal track.

This is how I did it until I purchaced a new audio interface with more ins/outs.

Good luck.

Sounds very logical and I will definitely look into this today and get back thankyou

which audio interface did you purchase?

I ended up getting the UR824 bundled with Cubase Pro, I find it perfect for my needs. There are other audio interfaces of similar specs out there but it’s all a matter of preference.

how many of you are using a separate Mic USB mixer with reverb/effects built in with Cubase 12 if so which one are you using? TIA

Alan Russell

UR44c here.

thank you Steve… converting those midi tracks to audio will resolve my issue…I don’t see any other way…

Alan Russell

I merged your posts. If you want to sort this out, best not to create various different topics about the same problem, especially when the basic details are not included.

Cubase can do that, it’s a basic function.

But if the midi is being sent to a keyboard, and the keyboard plays it through your monitors, you can’t use Cubase features to mute, monitor and solo.

Maybe turn off Local Control? But @Alan-Russell has not explicitly said what the routing is.

I think if the local control is turned off the midi of tracks on playback will be silent

I’m coming to realize the workflow from the Genos to Cubase 12 is going to need a strict sequence

The midi work created by a Genos will have to be edited by multi-tracking which is a facility of Genos and then be brought in to Cubase 12 to be edited on its Staff notation scorer

Once I finalize all of the midi tracks they will be converted to audio tracks and at that time I can create my lead vocal takes using a clean audio track

The nice thing is they I could always go back to the Genos to redo countermelodies and band fills if need be. It’s always a revolving door when it comes to arranging

Thanks for all of your feedback

Alan Russell
Professional Arranger since 1968

What ASIO driver are you using? The Keyboard Arranger Genos or the Yamaha AG06?