Recording a vocal track without music

Hello :slight_smile:

How do I record a vocal track with only vocals while playing back an instrumental in a separate track?

I am using a mac computer with a UR22MKII interface connected to a behringer SX3242FX mixer.
The mixers 2-TR out is connected to the interface’s line inputs, while the interface’s outputs are connected to a channel strip on the mixer. The mic is connected to a channel strip, I also have a USB mic connected.

I’ve literally exhausted all of my options and ideas for making this work.

Many thanks in advance, all help and feedback is appreciated.

Connect the Mic to the mic in of the UR 22.
Or use a send from the Behringer and monitor via the Behringe.

Ah, thanks alot for the suggestions. Honestly what I didn’t mention, is that I have the UR22 routed into a patch bay, then going into the mixer (but doesn’t make a difference for stating my issue), the reason for this is because this way I can just patch my mic into the UR22 from the patch bay, it works, I just wanted a solution without having to do all of this, so that I can free up two inputs on the patchbay. Thanks again, I will see what I can do with your other solution