Recording all 8 audio inputs with 8 outs-playback setup?

I can’t get my head around this and would appreciate help please?

I’m recording into all available inputs on my audio interface (MR816csx) and am using all the available separate outs from the interface too into an 8 channel headphone amp. The problem is when I record to all the tracks and then play it right back, i obviously can only hear those signals I plug a set of headphones into.

Clearly I have to assign all recorded tracks to just a stereo pair. But that’s fiddly. Is there some workaround that allows me to hear all recorded parts instantly in the headphones (which is an available output). ?


E.g. Assigning to a double output or something?

What exactly is fiddly with that? It´s the same thing you do when mixing to a stereo master bus…?
Usually one uses sends for Headphone mixes.

I’m not sure if I understand your problem… But the usual way is to route everything to Main Outputs and use Cue sends for performers.

This indeed could be a brain bypass moment im having but…The problem is the recorded audio track outputs are assigned to individual outs (for a reason. The are going into a headphone amp). I want to be able to record parts (keeping the outputs set as they are) but then play back instantly over my monitors. ?

Ps. I’m taking my headphone outs into jamhub so that I can have 5 stereo ins and 5 mics all indivial mixes. (As opposed to the cubase control room limitation of 4 sends)