Recording and triggering midi from roland td-30 and vh-13 hihat


long time sonar user… seeing if cubase works better…:slight_smile: please help…

im trying to record my roland td-30 e-kit via midi and cant get it right.

it seems the roland td-30 hi hat foot pedal position are not being retriggered correctly. i only hear open hat upon playing the track. also getting weird double triggers…on rest of kit.

any one with experience with this set up?



how do i get cubase 12 pro to send cc data to the td-30 for triggering the full range of hihat positions??


Have you turned local off on the td30? Mine is recording and playing fine so have you changed anything from default?


Thank you for responding. I think I have the settings correct on the TD-30 because today I was able to use Ableton and capture and play back the drum performance correctly ( other than my messups)

I am also able to record and playback correctly with sonar but the piano roll editing is not working correctly. And hanging up on every single edit.

Let’s see if I’m doing this right in cubase.

Should I not try to set up external instrument? just record midi? Is it a problem in the drum mapping? Cubase is able to record data but it’s not interpreting it correctly or at least playing it back correctly.

Would like to see if I could get it going and see if I could keep my whole project within cubase.


I have recently added a TD-27 and I am woking on this very item.
My setup is a little different, because I want to use Groove Agent for playback.

I just record MIDI, and the hihat data gets recorded to CC4.
If you look at your recorded midi track, on the bottom is Velocity info, right?
Off to the left you can switch what is visible there, and find the CC4 info.

Next time I am in the lab I will take a screenshot.

For playback in GA, I have needed to convert that info into an Automation track. I want to streamline this though, so I am going to work it soon.

Aloha, I have seen the cc4 data but it’ does not seem to effect the hihat openness.

you are playing it back to your Roland module, yes?

Yes. I think I should try a new project. Just wondering if I was missing some obvious. Glad to know it can work…

It does work. Also I suggest using the drum editor and setting up your own drum map. I don’t use the sounds on my td30 as I use SD3.

As a side question why are you using the td30 sounds as they are very poor compared to a decent vsti?