Recording and Using Drum Samples

Hi All,

I use Cubase 5 essentials and I am interested in creating drum samples from my own acoustic drum set. I should have no trouble recording a variety of drum sounds and mixing them down into wave files, but once I have done this, how can I load those sounds into a samapler so that I play them using a midi program. I know that cubase 5 essentials comes with halion for a sampler. Do I need any 3rd party software/vst plugins to accomplish what I want to do?


Since HalionOne is only a sample player, you´ll need a sampler VSTi.

Any recommendations? preferably free VSTi.

Have a look at I’ve found some fantastic free VSTis there over the years.

Should I know your OS…?

My OS is Vista 64bit

Also, a question about halionOne… What is the difference between an sampler and a sample player? Doesn’t Halion one simple receive a midi message and play a corresponding sample? Is there any reason I could not create a preset with halionOne loaded with the .wav files from my drum kit? I have to assume that somewhere in the cubase program files is a folder containing a multitude of .wav files from which the halionOne plugin plays its samples… What is stopping me from dropping some of my drum samples into that folder?

What is stopping you, is the fact, that it´s not a folder with single samples in it, but a proprietary format, in which all samples are embedded.
And the sample player plays preconfigured samples (banks), while a full blown sampler let´s you map, load, modulate… your own samples and create banks. (Of course these definitions are not the “complete truth”, bnut that´s basically how the terms are usually used.)
Yellowtools → independence is a free one, and there´s at least one more, which I can´t remember the name at the moment.


I use the VST “Super Drum FX” ( in combination with Yamaha´s DTXplorer.
You have 10 slots for taking your wav-samples and triggering them e.g. with your e-drums.
Built in EQ, pitch, MIDI-Numbers and much more for each sampling slot…
A few good sound samples for the start also can be found on the webpage.

(That´s the way I will use my own samples from my Sonor Force 3000 and Mapex Maple PRO M.)

Hint: copy the installation files to C:\sdfx and add this directory to your Plugin-folder list in Cubase.
Re-scan or restart Cubase and there it is!

Good luck!