Recording Audio and Midi from Roland Boutique Synths with Cubase Artist 9.5


I’ve just purchased a couple of Roland Boutique synths but I am struggling to set up to be able to record both audio and midi at the same time.

I’m using Cubase artist 9.5 on a Windows 10 laptop. Relatively new to Cubase but able to record audio and use VST instruments to some level. I have no previous experience with midi, midi instruments or midi via usb.

Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance


Hi and welcome,

Add 2 tracks: Audio track for Audio signal and MIDI track for the MIDI data. Enable record on both tracks, and hit record.

How are you connecting it to your computer and do you have an audio interface?


Thanks Martin, I will give this a try when I get home.

Hi Grim- Boutiques are currently connected to PC via USB. I was hoping I would be able to record both the midi the audio via USB as well but if needs be I assume that they can be routed via my UR22mk2 USB Audio Interface?


Assuming the Roland Boutique has a ASIO driver you should indeed be able to connect it to Cubase this way. the issue here will be if you want to use it at the same time as your UR22. The only way you can use two Audio inputs devices at the same time with Cubase is by using a third party ASIO driver such as ASIO4ALL.

They don’t have their own ASIO driver so ASIO4all is the only way you’ll get any audio over USB in Cubase.

After choosing ASIO4all as Cubase audio driver you need to assign input to the Roland in VST connections and make sure UR is still stereo output.

Once you get to that point Martins answer would actually work…though I have to wonder why you would want to record midi and audio simultaneously like that. More usually you would record the midi, edit, quantise and then record it while the computer plays it back.