Recording audio from web browser?

Hi all

This has been doing my head in today and I can’t find anything in the manual so your help is appreciated. I’m trying to record the audio off something from the interwebz but WL7 doesn’t want to do it. Is this something that can be done easily?

I’m using a Novation Nio (2in/4out) with Windows 7. I hit the Record button, check “Playback output, record what is played back” from the Input drop down, and select Channel 1 and Channel 2 from the “Set Input (2)” menu. Nothing records when Wavelab is opened either before or after the browser (Chrome in this case) is opened. Fwiw if Wavelab is opened before Chrome, the audio from the net doesn’t make it to my speakers/headphones.

Has anybody achieved this?

Thanks in advance and Happy New Year!


WaveLab records from an audio device, not from the internet.

Thanks for the response, PG.

Recording from an audio device was kind of where i was coming from with this… My thoughts were if the audio from Chrome goes through the Nio then surely Wavelab would be able to see/hear that audio and record it? From your answer i assume that not having this functionality was a deliberate design decision (unless my understanding of how audio routing through soundcards is incorrect!).

Oh well, if it cant be done through Wavelab then so be it, I’m sure there’s a workaround somehow.

You could try from the Windows MME-driver maybe? I’m sure I did this kind of recording from WL6 on Win XP. Highly troublesome, by the way, since there was no audio clock somehow, and I ended up with a massive number of dropouts and clicks.

Luck, Arjan

And of course let’s not forget that recording “from the internet” might, in many circumstances be just another term for theft or piracy? I suspect, that if the people who performed or recorded the music or voice wanted someone to have a copy, they would make it available for download. And if they haven’t, then we as musicians, who are so protective of our own material, would never even consider stealing anything from someone else in that way. :slight_smile: At least that’s way I would hope it would work. Certainly one reason why WL should never be considered for use for something like that, even if it was possible.

Arjan - Have tried that already but no results there either. On my non-audio PC i’ve managed to record from IE 8 using Audacity and the Windows MME drivers. Was thinking it may be related to the browser but Philippe cleared that one up with his answer!

Playz123 - My thoughts exactly, and probably why recording audio from other programs is off the menu. There are a number of legit reasons why this kind of recording is useful/necessary though so dont be too quick to judge! But, yes, this functionality would get completely abused if it were really easy to do.

Yes, in many circumstances it might. Certainly not in all.

Luck, Arjan

Its easy with Wavelab. I have just tried it and it works well.

Step 1 is you have to physically connect your soundcard outputs to the corresponding inputs. In my case (Lynx AES16) I just connected the first AES input channel pair XLR to the first output XLR. Then make sure those inputs are selected as the record defaults in WL

Also make sure the default Windows sound playback is the same two sound card channels as above.

So in summary:

  1. Connect outputs to inputs on sound card.
  2. Set Windows default output (this is what the browser will use) to those channels
  3. Make sure the default record channels in Wavelab correspond to the inputs above.

Then start playing a file in the browser, eg. here is a good test page to load:

Then hit * in WL to bring up the record dialog, and press record.

HyperCam is free and records sound and video.