Recording audio track directly from Group says "No Source"

Hi y’all!!!

Im trying to record the live playing with a VSTi.
Normally i would route the VSTi to a Group and record that Group on a new Track.

But i cant set the last Audio Track Input to the Group…is keeps saying No Source.

See picture :confused:

Ow thats wierd…i just tried it and it records audio!!!

The input still says No Source :confused:

I’ve noticed the exact same behaviour here too. Not sure if it’s a bug or something relating to the system.

Would be interesting to hear from other users.

CB12 Pro.

Currently experiencing this issue but I don’t have a record enable/disable button on my tracks anymore either. I’ve used this method with success in the past… Not today lol

NO Source is displayed on the Audio Track input while the Group Track is selected… However, if I go to the VST (Access Virus TI Hardware) play the instrument, then click on the Audio track, the Audio Track will record while it is selected… Once I click on the Instrument Track again, it stops recording… Lol

Does anyone have an update on this?

I also have the same problem - all audio track’s inputs say “No Source” but it DOES route and record correctly.

Can also say that using inputs made from Audio Connections DO work and only inputs that are GROUPS say “no source”

Running Cubase 12 Pro on Mac OS Big Sur on Late 2013 Mac Pro