Recording audio with an external instrument track without recording MIDI first

Hi all.

I have a set of External Instruments defined for my hardware synths. It all works beautifully if I record a part as MIDI first (and then I can render-in-place to get the audio). And usually, that’s exactly what I want to do.

However, today I really need to just record audio as I play live on the synth, WITHOUT recording the MIDI first and then rendering.

Unfortunately, when you define a hardware instrument, the audio input is no longer available as a recording source for use with an Audio track. It doesn’t appear to be possible to record the audio without first unassigning the interface inputs from the External Instrument definition. Which is obviously not something I want to have to keep doing and undoing.

Is there any way around this?

I prefer to not use External Instruments workflow… just make a MIDI and AUDIO track… record MIDI and then dump it into Audio later… takes the same amount of time as choosing “render in place” but makes it easier to just go straight to Audio and record a performance.

Maybe try it a different way for a bit, and see if that accomplishes both workflows without much sacrifice.

I had it set up like that before, but found it a bit cumbersome. I actually really like the way External Instruments work (most of the time).


If you are using Cubase Pro, you can record from a bus. So you can route the Instrument track to a Group and use this Group as an Input of an Audio track, where you will record the audio signal.


Ah, this is perfect. I just tried it and it works exactly the way I’d hoped it would.

Many thanks!

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