Recording audio with Yamaha CP4 STAGE PIANO

Good evening, can anybody tell me how do I record an audio track with my Stage Piano?

I connected my stage piano to M-AUDIO FAST TRACK PRO ( using two stereo instrument cables, then I connected the Driver (M-AUDIO FAST TRACK PRO) to my computer via USB. Am I doing it right? Is it even possible to do such a thing with this Driver? If it is, what do I have to do within Cubase to start receiving signal from my piano and start recording?

Thank you

Please list all of your system specs…

Make sure you are following the Yamaha Op manual (starting on pg 42). You will not be recording to a Cubase “Audio Track”. You will be recording to a Cubase “Midi Track” or (IMO even better) a Cubase “Instrument Track”. If working on a Windows PC then you need to make sure that the usb cable is connected and your piano is powered on BEFORE starting Cubase. Otherwise Cubase will not recognize it.

That’s all I can say for now until you provide more specifics. Good luck :wink:

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To the OP:If your CP 4 is as you say connected via audio cables and you want to record audio, then you should of course record to a “Cubase audio track”, and not to a MIDI or instrument track.
2nd:The M-audio fasttrack pro is not a driver, it is an interface, and yes, basically it can do what you want. The steps should be outlined in the Cubase manual.

Thank you very much for your help! It’s working and I’ve already recorded some songs.

Best Regards