Recording automation, focus shifts?


I have a midi part and I’m ready to record some automation for some typical items, cut-off frequency, reso, etc.

I’ve assigned controllers to my Quick Controls and rehearsed the moves I like. I should note that I keep my MIDI Tracks together in Folders and the VST Instrument Outputs are kept in folders below. This may not be the best way of doing things and I’m wondering what you think is the best way of doing this. Anyway, to continue.

What’s happening is that when start Writing (recording) the Automation, the focus abruptly jumps down to where the new automation lane is being created, and, subsequently, I no longer see the Quick Controls box.

It’s logical that this should happen. The automation data is recorded in the lanes for the VSTi’s outputs, but I don’t see the values in the QC Box… I’d rather have the Automation Date recorded and the focus would not jump down to the VSTi Outputs.

(I’d also like to see the automation data under the MIDI Data, not the VSTIs Outs (however, I see the value of having the data where it is from an engineering standpoint, so maybe it is better that way the way it is?)

Question is, what’s the best way to deal with this?

I’d rather have the VST Automation Tracks right under the MIDI Tracks, but I guess they are “locked” to being only under the VSTi’s outputs? I’m working with this and getting good and expected results, but I’m not sure I’m doing it the best way possible. I’d be curious to learn what kind of methods you use to record automation. Maybe I’m on the right track and just need to get more accustomed to things. Thanks. :slight_smile:


Just to make it clear (to me). :slight_smile:

You are using VST Rack Instruments, right? The parameters you are automating (cut-Off, resp…) are the Instrument parameters, right? The Quick Control and the assignment is done on the MIDI track, and the MIDI track is also selected, right? Once you start to Write automation, the focus (selection) jumps to the Instrument Return, right?

Exactly right, Martin.

I’m not sure if I should re-think how I’m organizing my tracks or if there’s a better way to do this.

I’m using all my VST Instruments as “rack” instruments. I group all my MIDI tracks into folders and keep the VSTi instrument Audio Outputs in the VST Instruments Folders below the MIDI tracks in the VST Instruments Folders. The focus is jumping from the MIDI tracks down to the Audio Outputs when writing automation.

I understand what’s happening and can get the results (sounds) I’m after, but I’d like to keep the focus on the MIDI Track and Quick Controls box when writing automation rather having the program jumping down to the VST Audio Outputs. Maybe there isn’t any way to change this behavior and I just have to learn to adapt? I’m looking for some guidance on developing a good approach to writing automation. Thanks for reading.