recording automation from usb connected synth

Hi Guys,

first off all,glad to be here after 10 years. I bought the cubase pro 8.5 and started my studio up again :slight_smile:

i have small issue I can not find on the internet so that’s why I’m here.

i have a UMX490 usb keyboard and assigned 2 knobs of it to a vst instrument (Sylenth1).
the purpose is that while the part is playing, I record (by pushing Write on the CC121) the 2 knobs I assigned (Cutoff and resonance). but when I write the automation and turning the knobs, nothing happens, I don’t see any curve on the track in the correct automation track.
when I move the know of the vst with my mouse, then the automation is recorderd.
Is there any possibilitiy that the turning of the actual manual synth knobs is recorded, so that I can record both of them at the same time?

also what is strange is, I have one midi vst line of 3 X 4 parts, and when I record with the mouse, and play it in loopmode, then automation write is not always reacting, i have to release the mouse button and then push it again in order it will record the rest?

well I hope somebody can help me out here, in one of my so many question :slight_smile:

Thx for any tip or clue.



If I’m right, Sylenth 1 is an old 32-bit plug-in, what could cause problems, if it’s bridged to the 64-bit Cubase.

Can you see the parameters move, while writing the automation from your MIDI keyboard?

Hi Martin,

sorry post this to fast, answer in next post.

Hi Martin,

yes I can see the parameters move while I turn the knobs on my usb keyboard.
and the sylenth 1 latest version is 64 bit also. so that’s not the problem for sure.


And when you play it back, the parameter doesn’t move?

You cannot see any automation track, when you right-click to the track list and select: Show All Used Automation?

Hi Martin,

If I record the automation with my mouse on the knob, then the moment I start to move the knob I see the automation track popup under the midi, and I can see the curves.

if I record the automation with the knobs, I see the knobs of the vst moving, I hear the sound acting as should, but no automation is recorded.

also what I find strange, If I record automation with the mouse knob, and play a piece of 15 seconds in loop mode, the moment when the cursor is at the end of the song and then goes to the start point or left marker, the automation stops recording, I have to release the mousebutton and push again in order to activate the record automation again… strange no?


I read your 1st post again, and I think, I got it, now.

You used the “MIDI Learn” function in the Sylenth 1, right? In this case, the automation is not written. In fact in this case you would record the MIDI data to your Instrument track, and then play it back. The Controller will be controlled by this MIDI data, then.

If you want to make an automation track, assigne the parameter to the Quick Control, and define the Quick Controls in the Devices > Device Setup window. Then Write enable the automation of the Quick Control parameter.

Hi Martin,

perfect, after 1 hour searching I finaly found it.
not only you have to assign the knobs of the vst to the quick control, you indeed have to match in devices the 8 hardware turning nobs so that I can assign them in the slots.

thanks so much !!
there will follow for sure more questions :slight_smile: