Recording Bass Guitar

I’m just starting to record bass guitar through a Pod HD using Cubase 10.5
Should i record in mono or stereo ? Tutorial including stuff here at Soundonsound say mono.
If i open a bass guitar track preset in Cubase they’re stereo.
So which is the usual ?

Depends, is there stereo information you want to preserve, use stereo.
Even if you want Mono it is fine to use a stereo track and record mono on to it.
If you later want to use a stereo insert effect on the track you can do that.
If it is a mono track the stereo effect would also be mono.
So I would say, using stereo tracks can often be easier down the line.

I personally record mono onto a mono track, I never use any stereo effects on bass.
If I need to, I route it to a group track and apply the stereo effect on that.
If the environment allows for it, i record both microphone and DI to different tracks, that I put in a folder for easy editing.

The „usual“ is probably mono.
Would depend on the signal. A Bass signal played through a stereo FX pedal board is better recorded on a stereo track.
The kind of track basically does not decide if the recorded signal is stereophonic or monophonic.
If you record a monophonic signal to a stereo track, the signal itself is still monophonic, you just have two channels with an identical signal. The outcome is the same as recording the signal to a mono track (apart from volume differences due to pan law settings).
If you record a stereophonic signal to a mono track, you lose the „stereo information“.

On previous Cubase hangouts Greg Ondo has suggested the way he does it is to record a mono track and use sends for stereo effects.