Recording Behavior with Global vs. Song Stacks

When I arm the record button for all of my tracks in a particular song (some are feeding global and some are feeding song specific stacks), I finish the recording and only the global stacks record to their respective tracks. The tracks for the song specific stacks remain blank. The song specific stacks can be heard and there is mixer activity during the recording. The routing is the same (mic input → track → stack). Is there something I need to do further to enable recording of song specific stacks? This happens with every song I’ve set up. Sorry if I’m missing something, I find this program to be more confounding than cubase even though the latter is infinitely more complex.

When you duplicate songs, it does not duplicate the input routing for whatever reason. Problem resolved with resetting the routing on duplicates.

Which inputs?

Cannot reproduce that.

  • new project
  • create Global Part
  • add Global Stack “Global”
  • add local Stack “Local”
  • add 2 audio tracks, both same input with signal
  • route track 1 to “Global”, track 2 to “Local”
  • record, stop.
    All good. No?
    Btw the recording part does not even know wher track output is going.

Yes, they both record. When I duplicated a prior track somehow it lost the routing for the inputs and I didn’t notice. Everything recording and stable now. Thanks