Recording computer sounds and microphone seperately

Hi all

So me and my partner are addicted to karaoke ,and i have a ur824 interface and Cubase.

My missus asked if it was possible to record the music we are playing usually from youtube or spotify and also record our vocals running through inputs 1 and 2 on separate tracks, I have seen the loop back function but this lumps everything into one track.

I have no clue how to do this and wonder if anyone could help.

We are not selling, or doing anything really illegal , its purely for our own entertainment on a friday night.

in a nut shell we would like to press play on the track, record this track into cubase and also record our separate mics into separate tracks whilst listening through our headphones

This is possible, I do it, actually.

I have the browser audio routed to Windows Audio, then I run a lead from my machine’s digital out to input 5+6 on my UR44c. audio interface.

So I do not have to use loopback inDSPmixFx, the Windows audio signal is coming in on inputs 5+6.

Now I can record a mic on ch 1 (or whichever)

Of course, that mic will pickup the windows audio, so headphones are needed if you want the recorded tracks to have isolated audio for editing.

Hi and welcome to the forum,

If you want to separate the tracks, record (or export/import) the YouTube/background music first. Then record the other tracks as an addition to the already existing YouTube/background track.

Thanks for the response, that would work for you tube , at least for the tracks we want, not possible for Spotify though, as we need the lyrics for on screen.

Hi Steve, thanks for the message…is this possible with the spotify app and how to do route the browser audio independently? Sorry if i come across as an idiot with the questions.

Please come to the Forum to read and respond so you can see the messages in context.

This just takes audio from Windows programs and sends it to the UR824. You will have two audio devices in use in effect, Windows Audio, and the UR824.

I use the old school method of loopback, from when audio device drivers didn’t include loopback functions.

I don’t know what your level of computer know-how is, so I’ll proceed as follows:

Do this:

Without Cubase running

Run a cable from one of your machine’s built-in audio outputs into the line inputs on your UR824c.

Open DSPmixFx and observe the meters. The Windows Audio from the computer is coming into th UR824 now.

What do you see hear?

Hi Steve

I found a cable and had to reinstall Realtek drivers for my mobo.

It works a treat. It’s been such a long time since I have messed around with windows audio that it’s actually pretty easy now, literallly can select any thing running and route the audio to whatever device you need too.

Amazing thanks

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