Recording corrupt (WAV file nulled out)


I made a recording with Wavelab 10 Pro from an analog source (through a MOTU 828 MK2). For an unknown reason my Windows 10 suddenly PC rebooted.
Now I have a wav file of 980 MB but all data seems lost. Even if I open it as a raw file, there’s no audio data. If I open the file with a hex editor, I see a header but all audio data (from byte 49) is nulled out

For me it’s a bit strange that the 980 MB file is completely nulled while the meters were a normal level during the recording.
Is there a possibility to recover the audio (maybe from temp data)? What can be the reason that the audio data is missing?

Thanks for your help.


When the computer reboots by itself, it’s almost sure to losse data, because opened files are not closed properly.

If you are using the MOTU 828 MK2 with FireWire under Windows, be aware the the FireWire connection is not reliable anymore on certain setups, for several months.
I put the cause on the Windows 10 side.

I had the same problem with WL 10.0.20. Same exact thing except I use a RME 9632 audio card. PG told me that my card was “old” and that may have been the problem. The trouble is my card works perfectly with all the other DAWs I use. Somethings in WL 10 are still “mysteries” and maybe problems that only show up on certain computers with certain hardware. BEST OF LUCK!

My experience with FireWire(RME) on Windows 10:

  1. “Old” Machine from 2012: no problem during 6 years. Then, rare but random blue screens.

  2. “Modern” Machine from early 2020: random blue screens.

Note that these blue screens could happen with any application playing audio, eg. inc. Google Chrome.

This is why I don’t trust FireWire anymore, which is anyway an obsolete standard today.
And this is also why I suspect a change brought by some Windows 10 update about 2 years ago.

The MOTU 828 MK II has an USB interface.

My system which is fairly up-to-date (P7, 16GB RAM and 1GB SSD) and I never experienced problems with it. I make recordings of 5 hours (and more) regularly with this setup and Wavelab Pro (now at version 10). Maybe a system update caused the reboot? I don’t know, but I hoped that the audio bytes were written to disc. I thought this is a serial process, just appending bytes. Therefore it is not very clear why all the audio data is nulled out.

Maybe I should record smaller parts in the future (autosplit?) and make sure that system updates (or power savings events, for instance) cannot happen during the recording process.

Thanks for your feedback.


It is possible to find why a computer rebooted, by looking at the Windows Event Viewer.
But is can be cryptic…

I use FireWire also, and after every Windows 10 update I go into system settings to check what Windows has done. Usually I have to redirect the drivers for my interface but almost always have to change the 1394 core to use the Legacy Driver (can be separately downloaded from Microsoft). Hope this may help others - in my case I have a very stable connection. I’ve never seen a BSOD on this system.

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