Recording CP4 Stage piano

Hi everyone,

I’m likely going to trade my MOX8 for a CP4 Stage piano. Are there any major issues I need to be concerned about when recording the CP4 as a MIDI instrument in Cubase 8? I know recording the MOX8 is a totally different kettle of fish, however, Yamaha has made it easy with the Editor VST (after you get everything configured, which has been a major venture in pain).



Question is, how do you use MOX8. This instrument, you can use also as an Audio Device (sound card). As far as I know, you cannot use CP4 this way.

Hi Martin,

Thanks for chiming in. I will use the CP4 for live stage but also for recording MIDI at home (along with the Tyros 5). The CP4 MIDI tracks will then be converted to audio inside Cubase 8.

  • Lee

Hi Lee,

In this case, if you want to record jist a MIDI data, then there is no issue at all. I expect, you used “All MIDI Inputs” as your Input, which is the default one. If you used dedicated MOX8 MIDI I put, there will be message, this MIDI Port is missing, and you will need to select another input for your MIDI Tracks. But I really don’t expect this.

Okay, thanks Martin. I’m auditioning the CP4 in a few days and recording MIDI in Cubase is one criteria. I didn’t think it would be too much of an issue. Like all MIDI devices, the Data List should show the Voice MSB and LSB numbers. I should be able to record each voice using that info. Thanks again.

  • Lee