Recording electronic drums - note length issue

Hi everyone.
I recently purchased the Aroma TDX-15S electronic drum set and have been trying to record drums via USB connection using it as a MIDI input on Addictive Drums channel. The connection was established just fine, I did some mapping, etc. But the problem is when I hit any drum the note that appears in Cubase’s piano roll just doesn’t end and it keeps going until I stop recording. That doesn’t affect the sound at all, but I end up with a bunch of long notes on top of each other, and that’s extremely inconvenient for further editing, quantizing, and so on. So how do I fix this issue and get short notes on the piano roll after hitting the drums? Where should I look? Cubase settings or Addictive Drums settings? Or is it the drum set issue?
Thank you very much.

What happens if you switch to drum editor instead of the key editor?

It seems your drums are not sending the note off message as they’re supposed to.
I use an Alesis sample pad and I never thought about this issue.
I prefer to edit in the key editor too and all my notes are short so mine must be sending the note off.
I just had a quick read on the net on how they are supposed to work. It was news to me actually.

Anyway for your situation what you need is the “fixed lengths” command.
Go to the top menu. MIDI - Functions - Fixed lengths
This will set the note lengths to the value you have selected in the key editor.
To set this you have to be in the key editor but once it’s set it’s set.
You might not be able to see this button until you right click the top line (in the key editor) and choose Length Quantize.
The button should appear then. It has an L for lengths on it. Set to 1/16.
Once this is set up and working go to key commands and search for fixed lengths. Assign a key and hit apply.
Then every time you record a take hit that key. Sorted

Thank you very much, it helped. If I record the drums using drum editor, they look fine even if I open them later with key editor.