Recording Error: ASIO driver is not running.

Hi Steinbergs,
I hope this is the right place as this board doesn’t seem to be too vidid. Please advice else…!

I am finalizing my ASIO driver connected to some PCIe interface. It seems to work with all major DAWs (Reaper, Studio One, Ableton, ProTools) except with the mother of ASIO, Cubase. (Cubase 9 doesn’t complain about anything, it advances the playback pointer, but the buffers aren’t filled and no meter activity can be seen on the GUI.)

I am a bit puzzled to what else I could check, I am calling the bufferSwitch* callback, checked the sample position calculation, timestamps, etc. I do see all ASIO::methods get reasonably interrogated (except getSampleRate() which get constantly called?).

If I try to arm some channels for recording Cubase opens a MessageBox claiming “Recording Error: ASIO driver is not running.”

Any pointers what else to check would be greatly appreciated!

Issue was related to ASIOSamples and ASIOTimeStamp being hi/lo word swapped (like big endian, but with little endian byte ordering in the words itself).

Gut, kann man auch machen.