recording error too many tracks recording

Hi i have had cubase 10 for 5 months and not created one project because of this issue .Just recorded one track of guitar and got the same old (recording error too many tracks) what have i got to do to get this program to run.

You need to add what the spec is of your pc/Mac. What audio interface are you using. Details of how you are trying this. Screenshots perhaps.

If applicable to your system try the suggestions here:

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Hi Prok and Mkok, I’m happy to report your suggestion has worked so i’m running my session on a removable usb hard drive which leaves cubase to run on my ssd internal drive. I’ve had this problem for 4 months its been a nightmare Thank you so very very much I just hope and pray that this has finally solved my issue I may now re install my old 110 GB ssd drive into my PC to run my projects, I took it out and upgraded to a 500 GB ssd so i could load cubase 10 pro plug inns etc I should have known to keep the hard drives separate it was always how we were told to do it i just thought wrongly the bigger drive would cope with it how wrong I was. I 'm sure there will be other issues ahead maybe i can help someone as you have . Thanks again I’m over the moon so happy.
List of gear
PC intel i5
cubase 10 pro
windows 10
500 ssd GB drive
Apollo twin

Cheers Guys.

forgot 16 GB RAM

Suggest that you list your gear in your forum signature.

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Hi Prock ,thanks for that Iv’e done as you suggested and listed my gear on signature although all is working well i still freeze up when i try to add plugins and Halion I’ll post again.