Recording Error

Hello everyone.

I am a very new and inexperienced user to cubase having recently purchased CuBase Elements 7. I am using this software via a Zoom R24 midi interface and windows 7 on my desktop Pc.

I have recently encountered a problem whilst recording. I will attempt to explain this as well as i can possibly do.

Whilst recording an instrumental track, the audio quality begins to fluctuate as if there was a connection problem. Some recorded tracks cut on and off and shortly afterwards i get an error message advising that i am recording to many tracks. The track i am attempting to record is track no 6.

When i attempt to play back the previously recorded tracks there would appear to be no issues however the problem arises when i attempt to record something new.

I have read some information relative to this on the internet and a common problem would appear to be vibration (lap to users) however this is definitely not a problem for me as I’m using a desk top and the volume output is low.

I have tried restarting etc however this is not solving the issue.

Many thanks in advance for any help that can be provided.

Kind regards



Are you using your built-in ASIO Direct-X soundcard on your desktop PC? Generic ASIO drivers such as that, are not developed with professional audio applications such as Cubase Elements 7 in mind. I recommend you look into purchasing an audio interface with a dedicated ASIO driver, such as our CI or UR series of devices, which you can check out below:

Thank you.

Many thanks for your help. Much appreciated.