Recording for Music files!

Well, i downloaded the recording software that came with my ZOOM G2.1DM EFFECTS PEDAL and was having the time of my life recording for the first time ever, but sadly i could not find a way to save the finished product as a music file, preferably mp3. I was only able to access individual parts (tracks as the program calls it). My query is whether i can download my finished products, and if so, how?

JUST AS A REMINDER, i do not mean the individual parts labeled as TRACKS on the recording system. I am literally trying to meld 8 TRACKS together, just as a song is put together from individual parts from instruments. Yes, the individual tracks are showing up as VLC media files (.wav) within the audio file. The entire project as a whole song is not.

Certainly the software comes with a manual…? Read it -> File -> Export -> audio mixdown