Recording from a synth into Cubase 7

I have recorded an audio style from the bass side of my instrument on channel 1
and I want to record the lead from the instrument on channel 2 but when I record the lead
I get the style from channel one being recorded again on the second channel.
I want to record the style on channel 1 and while i’m recording the lead on the second channel I don’t want to hear/see the style being recorded on the second channel also.
I can’t find a way to stop the style being recorded on channel 2 again but I do want to hear it as I record the lead from the instrument.
I hope that is a bit more clearer than mud.

No idea at all, I could guess a lot.

You could describe what instrument and your equipment, is this all in cubase?

Are you recording a VSTinstrument?

You can hear what’s being recorded on a track by hitting the monitor button, you shouldn’t hear it with it off. Unless it has another audio path.

You route where you want signals to go from your interface in VSTconnections.

Hi Tacman7.
Thanks for the reply.
I have a Ketron Audya 4 synth and a Roland FR-8x electronic accordion. The Audya produces Styles which I play via the Bass side of the accordion onto an Audio track in Cubase 7, the Audya also produces dozens of voices which I play via the keyboard side of the accordion on to another audio track in Cubase.
After recording a Style on an Audio track in Cubase with no problem, I then want to record a Voice from the keyboard side of the accordion on a second track, but when I lay down the second track and record the voice to it, the Style from the first track is also recording on the second track.
How can I stop the Style from recording on the second track, my objective is to hear the Style being played back on the first track as I record only the Voice by itself on the second track.
I record from the Audya Headphones ‘out’ into a Yamaha Mixing console and into the audio card in my computer.
I’ve tried pushing every button & slider on the Console with no luck, likewise Cubase.

How are you monitoring?

Seems like you could be feeding the output of the first track into the second track along with the playing you’re trying to put on the second track.

It’s either getting there through the mixer (if you’re monitoring through the mixer) or it’s finding a way inside of cubase to get to the track.

Are these stereo tracks?

Record a second track without playing, just playback the first track at the same time. Did the first track make it to the second track?

You have to do some detective work and try and find how this is happening.

So this is a soundcard with two input and two outputs?

The outputs go don’t go back to the mixer does it?

Also your soundcard. It doesn’t have a loopback input labeled something like WhatUhear or anything like that?
You want to make sure you have the sound card inputs selected in VSTconnections in cubase.

Hi Tackman7
Yea, Got the hint from your last post, changed the input in the sound card from Whatuhear to another input and first track is not
recording into the second one and I can now hear the first track while recording on the second one. Thanks for that.
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Hi Tacman7.
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