Recording from internal group track

Dear reader, According to the Cubase 8 Elements manual, I should be able to record audio from a group track onto an audio track. However, I do not see the group track listed in the inputs possibilities. Is there a restriction and / or is there a work around? Thanks in advance!

Do you have a send on the audio channel routed to the group?

If yes you must remove it…Cubase guards a bit too carefully for feedback loops. So even if the send is inactive it will still stop you routing that group back to the audio track.

If that doesn’t help…I wonder if it is an elements restriction…can you point out where in the manual you read this?

Dear writer, You can not do that with Cubase Elements 8.
I wonder where inthe Cubase Elements 8 manual you read this - I can find that bit in the Cubase manual, but not inthe Cubase Elements manual.

Dear Grim and Svennilenni, I found it on both page 221 (bottom) and 222 (top) in the chapter mixconsole. Maybe I misunderstand it, but thanks for your fast respons!

Try this:
Set the output of the record destination track to No Bus while recording.

Indeed, it can be found there also - nevertheless this feature is not available in Cubase Elements 8

Nevertheless, I got it working in Cubase LE before my last post, so I’m pretty damn sure it will work this way in Elements too!

Well, I can only speak of Elements 8, which (I think) was the question of the OP, and since it´s not a feature of Elements 8, it will not work, so take it or leave it.

I have to admit I got this wrong.
I rechecked & couldn’t get this working again in LE.
I can only think I must have set the out rather than the in by mistake :blush:

Dear Grim and Svennilenni, Again I would like to thank the both of you for your efforts! The bottom line is that this probably won’t work in Elements, which is a pitty, but so it is. I will have to look for another way to solve this issue. Best regards, hippohenk.

If you have an interface that supports ‘loop back’ you should be able to do it. ‘Loop back’ sends the output of a channel back to its input and can be used like a regular input in Cubase. Kind of a virtual patch cable.

Dear marQs, unfortunately my interface does not have this option, but the idea of the virtual patch has given me a new thought about solving the problem. Thank you for your help.