Recording from soundcard

Hi there,

I am trying to record some audio from a film, played in windows media player, direct from the sound card in cubase. How would I go about this? Is there is an alternative way I can record the audio from this video file? It is an avi file, and I already tried to import<extract audio from video file… but nothing happens. I also don’t want to use audacity to do this. Cheers peepz

There is software that can strip the audio but I can’t remember what it is.

Go to the video conversion forums like dvdfab.


If your sound card has a loopback input like soundblasters used to have ‘whatUhear’ input then just record from that.


Connect a pair of cables from line out to line in and record that, just don’t have the monitor button on while you have a track set to record that or it will feedback.

Go to Device / VST Connection / Inputs / Add Bus , then add bus with a name like , and select the the outputs of the soundcard in the Device Port.

Then, you can place this as a audio track for recording purpose.

I’m using Windows Media Player to play Karaoke video and record its audio /music together with my singing.



I have just discovered that my above mentioned setup work with Creative Sound Card but not STENBERG NR22 audio interface.

Yea, the soundcard has to have a loopback input like sound blasters do.
I have one on my Studio Konnekt 48.