Recording from the alpha keyboard


Please let me suggest something abysmal. But maybe useful.

  1. Turn on the musical layout for the alphanumeric keyboard. Four rows of keys set as if they were two octaves in a musical keyboard. W as a C3, S as a C#3, comma (,) and A as a C4 (repeated).

  2. Optionally, you can transpose them (for example, to start from F or G).

  3. Start recording.

  4. Play on the alphanumeric keyboard, and record. Dynamics will be fixed, but note starts and lengths will be exactly as performed.

Cheap, compact, immediate. No need of an external keyboard. (But my company sells excellent inexpensive and compact MIDI keyboards! Buy them in any case!)


You can do this already f you use a third-party on-screen keyboard, such as MIDIKeys.

Daniel, nice! It looks like what I was looking for!

A more direct link for us computer illiterates: