Recording from VST Instrument keyboard directly

Can someone tell me how to record directly from a VSTi’s keyboard using the mouse over the keyboard within Cubase7? There are many time I want to record glissandos with the mouse running up and down the VSTi’s keyboard, not from the midi input device.

Can it be done?

Thanks for your help.

The problem is that there is the need to have a MIDI port with a device available, otherwise Cubase won’t be able to record the notes. Using a VSTi keyboard in its window doesn’t allows this, unless you are lucky enough to have one of the rare VSTis that can transmit MIDI output, in order to be available as a MIDI port in the ‘Input routing’ selector of the track inspector. As an example, BFD2 can do so, but there are not many of them.

A workaround is to use Cubase virtual keyboard ( on the transport bar and select it in the popup menu) : it is limited in the way that there is only a fixed velocity available while playing, adjustable with a cursor. But, at least, there is a piano like option that allows you to play directly on 3 octaves and yes, you can record notes, even with glissando this way. There are also pitch bend and modulation adjustments available.

But to be able to record with it, you have to select ‘All MIDI inputs’ in the ‘Input routing’ selector of the track inspector. Using any other port will not allow you to record what you play with it.

Do you want to record MIDI or audio?

Good question… :blush:

I put myself in the figure in which he wants to record MIDI, in order to be able to edit the takes afterwards. But you’re right : if he just wants the audio result, it’s another story (routing the VSTi output into a ‘dummy’ bus, and so on…).

Use Vanillin midi Keyboard and Loop Be or Midi Yoke.

Or just use the keyboard in the Key Edit window.

All “excellent” and viable workarounds! Thank you so much!!! My choice was the Vanillin keyboard. It was easier to record midi horizontally while performing glissandos. Thanks again for all your help!

I’m not at cubase for a few days, but as I recall, all you do is select the vsti as the midi input as well as the midi output, and then you can click the keyboard or pad or whatever of the vsti and you can record midi.


No, you can not record MIDI data from a VSTi onto a MIDI track internally.

@ joomlad
If Vanillin Keyboard steal your Keystrokes take a look in Settings-> Enable/Disable and Settings->Kill Key strokes.

I’ve also noticed in Vanillin you can exteeeeend the keyboard to 88 notes…great for one major glissando effect!

Ok, I’ve only used NI Battery to record midi via clicking on the pads. So thinkingcap grand master you’re wrong about recording to a midi track internally. It works with battery, however even though the other NI vsti’s show a midi output on the midi input tab in cubase, I can’t get them to record, hmmm… I wonder if it’s a setting.


Yes you’re right, if the plugin provides MIDI in- and outputs it works (Also see vocoder), but Cubase itself can not do it internally.