Recording from youtube

Hi there,i was watching a tutorial video and the guy was sampling a disco track from youtube to an audio track in cubase.
How do i set cubase up to do similar/
I have a saffire pro 24.

You running Windows or Mac?

There is a loopback option on the Saffire’s, you’d use that. Basically you use the web browser playing youtube to output to the loopback channel, and then pick up the input of the loopback channel in Cubase.

It’s a little tricky though, I’d probably use a youtube downloader utility and just import the audio file that way. Copyright issues will apply so make sure it’s for your own personal/educational use.

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thanks for the reply. using windows.

I’ve done a bunch of loopback recordings at times (i.e. 100 parallel tracks of dialog from lets say Fred Mocks) and it never dawned on me to just download it… duh

This may not apply, but I use a Line6 Toneport for my system audio, so I find the easiest thing to do is just patch the output of the Toneport into my FF800. You could use your headphone jack if you have the right adapter handy.

is there a downloader utility any of you can reccomend? i havent used one in years,as they started to become harder to find.

There’s this:

Audio Router for Windows - Open source (free)

BTW, FF800 is RME Fireface 800; my interface.

yes, i had to google what FF 800 was,thanks

Actually it looks like Audio Router is looking a little abandoned. Last build was in 2018.
Here’s another

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Thanks folks for the help,finally got round to looking inti this today,and am able to use the loopback in saffire.good job.